Where do I even begin with this session??

Sadie and Chase were one of the first couples I shot with when I made the move to ID just over 3 years ago.


Sadie is an incredible photographer herself and has been so supportive and kind to me over the years. I had some free time during a slower season to plan a creative couples session and knew I had to ask them if they were down for another adventure. After throwing around a few location ideas, we settled on this absolute stunner of a spot which happens to be so special to them and their relationship. They love to go camping here and explore the beautiful Idaho hills and mountains. Seriously, they're some of the coolest and most adventurous people I know.

Not knowing what the exact location would be like and only having a rural Google Maps pin to find it, my jaw just about hit the floor when I arrived at the spot. The beauty of Idaho is unreal!!!

We got to run around and play with some of the dreamiest lighting I've ever shot, and they even got to bring their new family member, Meru, along with them!

We were just about the only people out there and it truly felt like we had the whole mountains to ourselves.

It's sessions like this that make me so appreciative of the couples who share and allow me to experience their special spaces together.

p.s. the shot of them sitting with Meru looking towards the mountains might be one of my favorites ever!!!